About us

Kitchen Masters is created to make you feel like a professional chef in your kitchen. We want to inspire you to create, improvise and pleasantly surprise your loved ones and friends. Get cooking ideas, discover our expert advice and high-quality delicious products for your culinary masterpieces. Created by professionals for your creative journey. As if made by a chef!

Created by professionals

Our products are appreciated by professionals in the field, so we have ensured that every dish you make has the same quality as a chef’s dish.

Advanced production technology

We are recognised worldwide and our unit holds the BRC AA level certificate - the highest rating in the food industry.

Highest quality

Our products are developed by food enthusiasts who collaborate with professional chefs in the Baltic States, so every flavour nuance is significant and made with precision.

Responsible business practices

Kitchen Masters ingredients are grown under natural conditions, and we select our raw materials only from reliable farmers, processors and producers with whom we have long-term, trust-based relationships.

Taste is the most important thing!

We understand this and follow this rule in all our activities. Every day our team of food professionals try out and refine recipes, testing them and constantly experimenting to create ever better and more expressive flavours. They don’t just create great recipes, they also try to make them healthier. We avoid flavour enhancers, artificial colorants or preservatives where possible. Wo constantly taste and evaluate our products to make sure that only the best ones reach your table.

The best taste requires great ingredients, so we choose them carefully. Our products are grown by farmers especially for us. We use the most modern equipment to preserve the best properties of the vegetables and fruits. The technology we use allows us to produce our food under extremely sterile conditions, so that our products do not require preservatives.

All this effort, knowledge and investment is made to create the most delicious products. After all, taste is the most important thing!

We care about nature. We invest in cleaning equipment and we work with packaging recycling partners to preserve nature. We protect nature because, after all, the vegetables and fruits that we use in our products and serve on your table grow and ripen there.

We are here to help you become the chef of your kitchen every day, and make all your gastronomic dreams come true.

Kitchen Masters